Common carp are an invasive fish in Minnesota. They dig in the lake bottom for food, destroying water quality and habitat. It is estimated that nearly 3 of 4 lakes in southern Minnesota experience algal blooms due to their foraging.
There are two primary factors in their life cycle that Carp Solutions targets for control: their tendency to shoal together under the ice during which time they can be removed with seine nets, and their likelihood to migrate from lakes to marshes to spawn at which time they can be blocked.
They can live for 60 years and can grow up to one meter in length.

Check out these videos to learn more about common carp:

Common carp feeding:

ARKive video - Common carp feeding

Common carp fry:

ARKive video - Common carp fry

Common carp spawning:

ARKive video - Common carp laying eggs


Volga River, common carps’ native habitat: