Carp in Albert Lea being tracked to improve water quality

The Shell Rock River Watershed District (SRRWD) is tracking carp to help control their population and improve water quality. SRRWD is working with the company, Carp Solutions, to tag some of the fish in Fountain and Albert Lea Lakes.

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Albert Lea Officials Use Carp Trackers to Improve Water Quality

The water quality in Fountain and Albert Lea Lakes has gotten better, but they have a long ways to go. A few carp went under the knife Friday to help get it all back to normal.

“Out here on Fountain Lake, we’re seeing some of the highest amounts of fish biomass we’ve seen in a long time,” said Carp Solutions General Manager Jordan Wein.

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 Tracking Carp in local lakes

The Shell Rock River Watershed District is teaming up with CARP SOLUTIONS to track all the carp living in their lakes.

Carp is a type of freshwater fish are degrading lake habitat that native fish and wildlife need. CARP SOLUTIONS is tracking where the fish is in Fountain Lake and State Line Lake. They are surgically implanting radio transmitters into the fish.

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When you mention invasive carp, people nowadays probably think of bighead and silver carp — those flying fish we’re trying to keep out of Minnesota waters.

But the common carp that’s already here is an invasive species, too, and an undesirable one at that. It destroys aquatic plants and stirs up sediment, degrading water quality. Researchers in the north metro area are learning more about these fish as they try to come up with new ways to manage them.

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What lies in the depths of Little Canada’s Gervais Lake? Evidently, at least until the morning of Sept. 23, one rather large koi fish. 

Employees of Carp Solutions were netting common carp in the lake that fateful Friday when one of them caught a glimpse of a shiny, orange and gold koi, a relative of the carp that were being caught.

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