Ideal for citizen volunteers, non-profits, and local governments

In 2017, we pioneered a new approach to common carp management, where citizen volunteers, non-profits and local governments are engaged to scale-up management efforts, build community engagement, and reduce the cost.

Specifically, we engage with local groups to conduct carp removal using our baited traps. The process goes like this:

  • First, we consult with local groups to select sites for our traps, and install them
  • We then train the citizens how to bait the traps daily and monitor bait consumption
  • Meanwhile, we keep track of carp feeding activity at the bait site online, using remote sensing systems
  • Once the carp are trained, we spring the nets (usually at night) to remove the carp. The citizens can also be engaged in the carp removal process to further reduce the cost, if appropriate
  • This cycle then repeats itself 3-4 times each summer
  • At the end of the season, we discuss our findings with the citizens to document successes and outline next steps

We strongly believe that engaging local groups is a vital part of carp management, and the methods we developed are perfectly suited for that. Contact us to get started!