This is often the starting point of our analyses. To know how severe the carp problem is in your lake, we need to know how many carp are present in it. To do so, we use two main techniques: boat electrofishing surveys and various kinds of mark-release-recapture analyses. In the case of electrofishing surveys (see video of what its like at bottom) we use the rate at which we catch carp to estimate population. For mark and recapture estimates, a small fin-clip is the simplest way to identify a previously caught fish. We use an equation to then estimate carp abundance.
Once we know carp abundance, we can determine how many need to be removed to achieve desired improvements in water quality and aquatic vegetation. Carp are not damaging to lakes if their biomass is reduced to 100 lbs/acre or less. We don’t have to remove every single one. It is much more economical and practical to reduce their abundance just below the management threshold.

We use boat electrofishing surveys to quickly and accurately estimate population and biomass.